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Puhoi River Kayak Hire

Puhoi River Kayaks

Come along and enjoy a fantastic adventure with your family, friends or team-building group…

All the kayaking that we offer on the Puhoi River is unguided. The kayaking trip from the Puhoi Historic Village to the Wenderholm Regional Park is 8km of flat with no rapids or waterfalls. We always go with the tide to make it easy for our kayakers.

You can also just hire a kayak for 1 hour and paddle around the Puhoi Village but check with us first for the right time to come.

We start each trip with a summary of our basic kayaking rules. For new-paddlers and rusty-paddlers we offer basic paddling instruction. Then fit you out with a comfortable buoyancy aid, take you to the river, put you into your kayak – set you up and off on your glide down the river!

When doing the downriver paddle you will leave from our base head through native bush, farmland and down into the mangrove forest. Along the way herons, pukekos, kingfishers and other birds flit in and out of the trees, listen very carefully and you may be lucky to hear the raucous laughter of the kookaburras. You will meander on down the wide estuary to the Wenderholm Regional Park with it’s Pohutukawa fringed beaches ,where our courtesy shuttle will be waiting to return your driver to Puhoi to collect your car.

The one way trip from Puhoi to Wenderholm takes around 1.5 -2 hours so you might like to consider a BBQ picnic at Wenderholm Regional Park. For those who would enjoy a catered lunch there are several good local options in Puhoi, the iconic Puhoi Pub, the Puhoi General Store and the Puhoi Valley Tea Rooms.

All you have to do is decide which day your group would like to come.

The Puhoi River is tidal so we will tell you the best time options for the day you have chosen. Remember that the one way basic trip takes 1.5-2 hours so you might like to consider either a BBQ in Wenderholm or enjoy the hospitality up in the Puhoi Village

Then decide how many paddlers there will be and what type of kayak or canoe each would prefer.

We have a large fleet made up of:

50 Single Kayaks
35 Double Kayaks
4 Canadian Canoes


Single Kayak: $55
Double Kayak: $110
Canadian Canoe: $165


Single Kayak: $35
Double Kayak: $70
Canadian Canoe: $85

Puhoi Kayaks is open between September to May but times depend on the tides so bookings are essential. Check out the times by clicking 'RESERVE NOW' .

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